Safety Information

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1. Players must sign the disclaimer before entering the game zone.
2. Players cannot enter the game zone with out permission from the marshals.
3. Players under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or a guardian.
4. CCQB advises all players to wear full face protection, over 18s can choose to wear ballistic eye protection only.
5. Players under the age of 18 it is mandatory to wear full face protection.
6. Players must NOT remove their eye protection anywhere in the game zone.
7. Look out for your safety and the safety of others around you.
8. No selling equipment, BBs, pyros, or airsoft R.I.Fs anywhere on site with out prior approval from a head marshal.
9. No drugs or alcohol to be consumed or brought onto site.
10. No pyro or other reusable 209/9mm training devices allowed. 
11. All guns have to be chrono’d before they are taken in to the game zone, any player found using R.I.Fs over the limit, will be banned.
12. Max allowed FPS limit using our site chrono is 350fps on 0.2g BB or equivalent power of 1.14J max BB weight allowed is 0.32g
13. When a bb strikes anywhere on your body you are hit, the player must raise his hand and shout HIT! Re-spawn rules, it is then the hit players responsibility to move out of the way. Training rubber knife kills are to be taken silently and count as a kill.
14. No magazines allowed in any R.I.F any where in the safe zone or public areas.
15. All guns must be cleared before entering the safe zone at the end of game.
16. All players must listen to the marshals, marshal’s word on the field is final. If you have a problem see a marshal do not confront other players, marshals are here to help.
17. Players must be quiet and listen during game and safety briefs, players not ready to go out with everyone else may be asked to sit out of that game. Players are asked to follow the objectives and work as one team.
18. There is no shouting or abusive behaviour anywhere on site.
19. Over kill is unnecessary, single fire only. Dbl tap on target, no suppressive fire or pre-fire around corners.
20. Gun hit counts, go to secondary weapon if you have one, if you do not go to respawn.
21. Treat other players as you would like to be treated yourself, airsoft is a game of honesty.
22. Dead men do not talk, take your hits, play like a gentleman.
23. Look after the site facility’s and clean up after yourself.
24. Keep rubbish on you in the game zone and use the bins provided in the safe zone.
25. Do not grab another players belongings!